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40 Minutes A Week To Buff


Urban Pump Personal Training Studio by Gregg Hoffman

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We are open!

We are open for business. We do:

  • One-on one training with no other person working out at the same time. We also clean the gym after every client.
  • Semi-Private training. Two people work out with the trainer at one time. It has to be two people that know each other.
  • Online training.
  • Skype and Facebook training.

Guided Workouts From Home

Stuck at home and going stir crazy missing your workouts? We can help!

We offer two options:

Customized remote exercise programs based on your fitness level and and re-hab need if need be. Just download the app and have your workouts in the palm of you hand. 

Skype or Facebook workout sessions that we can guide and motivate you.

Urban Pump Personal Training Studio was selected as one of the best businesses in Denver for 2015 and 2016

Urban Pump Personal Training Studio was voted one of the top 5 Fitness Studios in Denver by Denver A-List in 2014

Denver A-List

Gregg Hoffman was voted one of the top 100 personal trainers in America according to our nation wide survey conducted in 2005.

Men's Journal Magazine

40 minutes a week to buff

Build a fit, shapely, highly functioning body with only two twenty to thirty minute workouts a week. Research clearly shows that the quality of the exercise is just as important as quantity for producing great fitness results. We posit that quality is even better, more efficient than quantity.

Be buff…and have a life outside the gym


Free 15 minute phone consult with Gregg Hoffman

In the 2 years I have been training with Gregg, my body has visibly transformed while at the same time I have become fitter and stronger. At 50 years old, I am in the best shape of my life, thanks to Gregg and his Hystrength training methods. Gregg is an expert at getting the most out of my workouts in the least amount of time. I don’t mind training hard, but I don’t have a lot of free time to work out. So, Gregg’s intense 30 minute total body workouts constantly challenge me while consistently helping me improve week after week. We have a lot of fun too, so I stay motivated to keep coming back. It is easy to see why Men’s Journal named Gregg “One of America’s Best 100 Trainers”. He knows his stuff and knows how to get the most out of our sessions. Training with Gregg has had the added bonus of making my solo training sessions more intense and more productive too. I would highly recommended Gregg. He has given me a lean, strong, muscular body. So, if you want to change your physique, and are willing to commit yourself to it, Gregg is your man.

Joe Scalzo

I have thought long and hard on what I could possibly say to write an appropriate testimonial for you. The difficulty I have found, lies in the fact that to appropriately comment on your skills would bankrupt the English language. Men’s Journal has described you as “One of the 100 best trainers in America.” I would comment the same, but would also add that you are truly a world class “magician” in your ability to completely transform a person’s body for the better! Top 100 trainers in America? Nay, I would argue that you fall into the top 5 (if not the # 1 slot)! Indeed, where I am today is in a completely different and MUCH better place than when I first walked in your door with a limited life span left to live. You have literally saved my life, and for that I will always be indebted to you. There are not enough words to say “thanks” and to be able to recommend you enough to others. You are much more than just a “personal trainer” to me. You are a savior. That said, I value all of the transformational magic you have already performed for me, and I get enthused each day as I see the new physical developments that are continuing to take place with me under your tutelage! Would I recommend Gregg Hoffman? Resoundingly YES! You have transformed me completely and have literally saved my life. For that I would offer my recommendation of you 1000+ times over and I would tell people, Gregg Hoffman saves lives… ask me how! You are a savior and certainly the very best of your class!

Rob Hale

When I was 50 in 2010, my brothers told me that I was fat. I didn't believe them until I saw our pictures at the beach! I always told my fellow plumbers that I was just reaching my prime, but I really was getting older like the rest of them! I was over weight. I had elevated cholesterol levels, and I had to take pills for my high blood pressure. My Doctor recommended diet and exercise to me more than once. I finally followed his advice and I started training at Urban Pump just after Thanksgiving 2011. After 6 months of training, I realized that I can actually "reach my prime", becoming as fit as I was in 1979, and even stronger! Last June, my doctor took me off my blood pressure prescription. Through diet & exercise alone, my cholesterol levels dropped much lower than ever. I am down to 155 lbs, and I've had to tighten my belt by 3 holes! The improvements to my health are the big motivators for me, but what keeps me going back to the gym is Urban Pump's slogan "Be Healthy...Be Strong.. Be Hot". I know that by trying to achieve 2 of those, the 3rd might still come...even at my age!

Many Pacis

I never thought of myself as chunky or overwieght, but I also was never happy with my body. It wasn't until I was asked 3 times in a month if I was pregnant (which I wasn't and never have been!) that I decided it was time do something before it got out of control! When Sharon told me she was a trainer I knew that was my ticket! Almost 2 years later I am 2 sizes smaller and feel great! I can finally say I like my body and I never thought I would be this strong! Thanks for all your help. You guys rock!

Janelle Orlando

I started training with Gregg in August of 2011 after noticing their sign and looking them up on the Internet. I was looking to get in better shape and avoid the dreaded “menopot” but what I have found after 5 months has been much more life changing than just getting in better shape. I had lower back surgery in the summer of 2009 after several years of extreme pain from sciatica. The surgery helped about 30% but I still had trouble with day to day activities from my morning walks to grocery shopping. I would inevitably find myself in excruciating pain after the most benign activities and would take hours to resolve itself. I dreaded going to concerts or any social event which would entail any kind of standing. Knowing that I wasn’t going to be doing any more surgeries and being told by therapists to not do anything too strenuous, I resigned myself to “living” with it. Well, that’s hardly living. After looking up Urban Pump and noticing that Gregg worked with people with just such situations, I decided to give it a try. I was both cautiously optimistic and scared at the same time. I certainly didn’t want to hurt myself and be worse off but my vanity won as I wanted to be in better shape. I can tell you that after 5 months of working with Gregg twice a week my back problems and specifically the sciatica has improved by at least 95%. I rarely have any pain even after hours of housework and shopping. I’m back to walking my dogs 3 miles every morning. Had you told me that six months ago, I would have laughed and certainly not believed it. What Gregg has helped me accomplish in such a short time is unbelievable. I wish I had done this before I ever thought of surgery or years of physical therapy. Also, on a side note, I am getting in better shape everyday and hauling out my smaller jeans. My core is getting tighter and I am actually seeing some great muscle definition and cellulite reduction to say nothing of renewed energy! All this without starving and hours of gym time!! Thanks to Urban Pump and Gregg for helping me get my life back!!!


I am very happy that I found Gregg and Urban Pump. In the six short weeks I have been working out with Gregg, I have witnessed an astounding physical transformation like I've never seen in the years I've been working out with other trainers. The 30-minute workout is very strenuous, but it's over so quickly, and now I wonder how I would ever endure another lengthy, ineffective workout session again. Gregg has also coached me on a much better way of eating - I will not call it a diet, because I do not believe in diets. But through Gregg, I have learned which foods are best to help fuel my body's needs, satisfy my hunger, and supplement my fitness journey. And the nutrition component is so remarkably simple that, again, I wonder why I didn't make these changes sooner. Gregg is a very laid-back guy who understands that we live in the real world, where it is extremely difficult to eat right and make it to training sessions. He just gets it, and never judges. If you are considering training with Gregg or Sharon, please go in and give it a try. I am very happy I did, and I look forward to ongoing success and gains through Urban Pump.

Beth Raizman

I am a "hard gainer" type and have been trying this on my own for 30 years but with little success. I was looking for someone that seemed to have a greater body of knowledge that a 3 week online certificate that so many of these places have - Gregg is the real deal. In 2 months I have begun seeing great results. Gregg is very personable and will push you as hard as you are willing - and maybe a little more. I highly recommend Urban Pump

Michael Owens

Although I had been working out regularly, I got into a slump a couple of years ago and let myself go. I think I just was so bored with the routine of going to the gym and doing the same things over and over. I was looking for someone to kick me back into gear and found it with Urban Pump. I purchased the 10-week package and am so happy that I did. I thought I’d heard it all – about how to work out, what to do, what not to do – but Gregg really educated me on a way of working out and staying fit that I’d never seen before I started my sessions with him. If you’re serious about getting fit, you owe it to yourself to call Urban Pump, schedule a consultation, and check out what they have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you choose Gregg or Sharon, but just do it! You will be glad that you did. I highly recommend it. I am signing up for more sessions with them.

David Betty

I moved to Denver 1 year ago. I tried several gyms and trainers, but neither the gyms nor trainers impressed me. Then I met Gregg at Urban Pump. He is, without any doubt, a world class trainer. Gregg's knowledge, professionalism, passion, and caring are unsurpassed. My goals were to continue rehabbing a problem knee, to reduce fat, and to gain strength and muscle. Gregg has very quickly allowed me to meet and surpass my goals. It's not easy to gain muscle at my age (mid 60s), but Gregg has made it happen. My energy level has never been better I look forward to my twice weekly sessions with Gregg. He "pushes me to failure" with each set, and that's a good thing. I'm fortunate to have met Gregg. He's a game changer!

Mark Burstein

I Saw MAJOR results after 3 Sessions with Urban Pump. The revolutionary and Proven Results are a Heaven Sent for Active,busy lifestyles we lead today . I recommend Urban Pumps' Method to anyone that is serious about Health and fitness .

Ben Lachini

Our Guarantee

If after 5 individual sessions with us you do not believe that you can build a fit, healthy body, you may request a refund. No questions asked.

The only thing we ask is that you must be willing to train hard…and follow the nutrition piece of the program.

This applies to the first package only.


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