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Top 100 Trainers In America

Gregg Hoffman was voted one of the top 100 personal trainers in America by Men’s Journal Magazine.

A-List Recognition

Urban Pump Personal Training Studio was voted one of the top 5 Fitness Studios in Denver by Denver A-List in 2014

Best Business in Denver

Urban Pump Personal Training Studio was selected as one of the best businesses in Denver multiple years in a row.
Where it all started
fitness, injury prevention, + rehab = hystrength

Gregg Hoffman speaking here. 27 years ago, I was enthusiastic about building a fit, shapely body. More specifically, I wanted to be a bodybuilder with the desire to compete onstage.

I was committed to my exercise program for about 3 years, and I did not see much change in my body in spite of the effort I put into it. Then I learned about High Intensity Training through the writings of Dr. Elington Darden.

I learned how to achieve far better results spending much less time in the gym.

Interestingly, the training protocols he recommended worked just as well for women who wanted to have a toned physique, and it was a very effective way for athletes to train to improve their physical conditioning. I just had to tell everyone.

Over time I learned as much as I could about fitness, injury prevention and rehab. Ultimately I created my own exercise program called Hystrength.

Both Sharon and I train and teach other people how to be in the best shape they can be without spending endless hours in the gym.

Where we are headed

Licensing+ certifications

We are expanding our operations.

We now offer license opportunities for anyone who wants to own their own personal training studio.

We also have a certification program for anyone who would like to learn the most efficient way to exercise…and help other people to do so.

Meet Your Trainers

Gregg Hoffman

Gregg Hoffman

Co-Owner / Master Trainer / Creator of the Hystrength Training Program

> Fitness Training
> Body Building
> Weight Loss Management
> Flexibility
> Strength Training



Gregg has a long career in the fitness industry. He has logged over 45,000 hours training people who want to get in shape, has written many books and award-winning articles, received numerous awards and certifications, and has designed and trademarked his own fitness program called HYSTRENGTH.

His desire to become a personal trainer started over 25 years ago when he would enthusiastically prod his friends and co-workers to workout with him.

His passion increased when he learned that there was so much more to exercise…in how little we actually need for our health.

Like many young bodybuilding aspirants, he would devote several hours a week to the gym in the quest for muscle. One day he stumbled on a book called Super High Intensity Bodybuilding written by Dr. Ellington Darden. Dr. Darden espoused a different approach. Instead of committing several hours a week to a routine as per the mainstream way of training, he strongly advocated only three 45 minute workouts a week. The catch was that one would have to put more focus and intensity on every set one would do, but if performed properly, the trainee could see strength gains better than he would see with a higher volume approach. Upon applying the principles Dr. Darden wrote about, Gregg did get much stronger. Thus, his passion for fitness grew.

In his ever expanding quest for knowledge, he studied other fitness disciplines and ultimately designed his own program that he calls HYSTRENGTH(sm).

He has earned certifications from:

  • Sasha and Company
  • American Council on Exercise
  • C.H.E.K. institute
  • Scientific Core Training
  • Scientific Back Training

He has owned and operated two personal training studios called Bodies by Hoffman. He created the HYSTRENGTH(sm) certification program in which he has hired and trainer other trainers. He has also set up an intern program with both Heritage College and Emily Griffith Opportunity school to better prepare those students for the real world.

At present, he is co-owner of Urban Pump LLC, which is a private personal training studio located in downtown Denver.

Gregg has logged over 45,000 hours training people who want to get in shape, has written many articles, and has an ongoing blog about fitness and health.

He is considered an expert author on the subject by E-Zine articles, and has writing awards by Hub pages.

Gregg wrote two books on the topic of health and fitness: Proven Strategies for Cellulite Loss, and Lose the Menopot. Both books are available through Amazon, and he has other book projects in the works.

Among many of Gregg’s achievements, he was voted one of the top 100 trainers in America in the December 2004 edition of Men’s Journal Magazine. His studio, Urban Pump LLC was also voted 14th place out of 85 entrants to the A-list of Colorado.

Sharon Hoffman

Sharon Hoffman

Co-Owner / Master Trainer

> Female Fitness Training
> Body Building
> Weight Loss Management
> Flexibility
> Strength Training



Sharon has been a dedicated personal trainer for eight years and co-owns Urban Pump LLC with Gregg Hoffman. Before partnering with Gregg, she was immersed in aerobic exercises, dedicating up to 20 hours a week to workouts such as bicycling, running, yoga, and spinning, while holding multiple gym memberships. Despite her efforts, Sharon saw no improvement in her body’s tone and shape after several years.

Her perspective changed when she met Gregg, who trained for just 45 minutes three times a week without any aerobic routines. Inspired by his toned physique, Sharon adopted the HYSTRENGTH(sm) program under his guidance. Within six months, she saw a dramatic transformation in her body. She became significantly stronger, had more energy, and, crucially, found time for a personal life.

Sharon, at 46, experienced unexpected benefits, including better sleep, improved stress management, and younger-looking skin. Her results defied the common belief of inevitable muscle loss and aging. She became a fervent advocate for the program, deciding to become a personal trainer following Gregg’s suggestion to undergo his certification program.

Now in her fifth career, Sharon wishes she had known about this training program earlier, particularly after having children. Her passion is evident in her dedication to personal training and marketing for Urban Pump LLC, which she does with a relentless spirit to spread the message.

A 1982 graduate of Denver University with a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts, Sharon has leveraged her skills in various careers, including graphic and floral design, real estate, and being a stay-at-home mom. Her background has proven invaluable in marketing Urban Pump LLC.

Expanding her skill set, Sharon now crafts homemade teas that support healing and immune function. Mentored by spiritual teachers, she delved into natural healing, Feng Shui, and discovered her clairvoyant abilities, which help identify blockages in individuals’ health and life goals.

Sharon’s journey led her to Lois Hermann of Lois Hermann & Associates, whom she met at The Truth Tour events in 2022, where both Gregg and Lois were speakers. Intrigued by Lois’s training for light workers, Sharon began with learning to protect her own spirit, a principle she finds parallels personal training, where one must be fit to assist others effectively.

Her curiosity grew, leading to her involvement in clearing spirits and ancestral and land clearing, observing the profound healing effects not only on clients but also on facilitators. Lois’s books, “The Chronicles of Hope,” co-authored with Gary Scott, resonated with Sharon and answered many of her existential questions.

Now a Master of Light, having completed levels 1-3 of Lois’s ECA Light Worker Training, Sharon embraces the principle that healing others raises their spiritual vibration, countering fear, disease, and mental obstacles. She believes in the holistic connection of mind, body, and spirit for true health.

Urban Pump’s newest addition, Iron and Light, embodies this philosophy. As an unknown source insightfully remarked, “You are very hard to control when you’re healthy. You are very hard to manipulate when you’re clear. You are very hard to influence when you’re sovereign.”

For more information on Sharon’s journey or Urban Pump, she can be reached at sharon@urbanpump.com.

Our Approach:

Science Based Exercise

There is a science to diet and exercise. A good diet and exercise plan that is well implemented is very effective at creating results, and yet most people fall way short of achieving their goals. There are two main reasons for this.

The first one is simply the lack of knowledge. There is a wealth of information on the internet, in books and other media, and there is no doubt that much of that information is valid. In spite of this, most people still don’t know what to do. There is so much information out there that makes it really confusing for people to figure out exactly what they need to do.

Should I do cardio? What about strength training? Should I throw some tires around? So the exercise enthusiast will dabble. I’ll do a little of this…throw in some of that and we’ll see. This approach leads to sub-par results, and usually a lot of unnecessary time in the gym.

The second reason is motivation. Everybody is unique in how they respond to motivational cues. For most people, going to a gym to workout is drudgery and they do not look forward to it, especially if they believe that they need to do many hours of exercise a week to see changes. We understand that. Gone are the days of the boot camp, in your face type of coaching. It just does not work for long term motivation.

At Urban Pump Personal Training Studio, the atmosphere is non-judgmental and individually motivating so that you can get the most out of your workout, and stay committed to your long term goals. Moreover, the Hystrength training program that we employ takes the guesswork out of your exercise program.

Get in. Get your workout done. Skip the gym. See results in 40 minutes a week.

Urban Pump Mission Statement

40 Minutes a Week to Buff

We know fitness is an individual journey…we use our expertise, knowledge, and intuition to help you overcome roadblocks and reach your fitness goals.

We stay true to the mission statement. At Urban Pump Personal Training Studio, we keep the atmosphere much more private, personal, and focused on our clients. There is no judgement, nor is the environment intimidating.


We are here to teach, guide, and support you in your journey. It’s that simple.