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Cellulite Progress Report: Brandy

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Brandy is the youngest of the three women I am working with on the study. She is in good shape, but she does have the cellulite to lose…like many women her age.

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She weighed 149 pounds and had a body fat percentage of 34% when she started with me. She is one who looks slender, and you would not know that she was above 30% with her body fat level.

After a month of training and diet, she has lost 2 pounds of scale weight, from 149 lbs to 147 lbs. We have not taken a skin-fold measurement, but we will do that her next workout. More specifically, she lost about 2 pounds after the first week and gained it back a week later. As of this measurement, she lost the two pounds again.

Here are her strength gains:

                 December 29,  2014:                          February 2nd, 2015:

Leg press           120 lbs for 15 reps                              380 lbs for 14 reps

Db press            15 lbs for 13 reps                                 27.5 lbs for 8 reps and 1 assisted

Pull-down           47.5 lbs for 13 reps                             75 lbs for 8 reps

She is without a doubt getting stronger, so she has gained some muscle. However, she is a bit frustrated that she has not seen the weight loss happen faster. I, too, have expected to see faster weight loss as well.

She told me that she was pretty strict with the diet, but she also said she had a bad weekend. We are going to take measurements again on her workout coming up this Thursday, and I will take skin fold measurements to be more clear as to where she really is.

Alex, another one of my volunteers for the study, decided to get the keto strips to see if one is in a state of ketosis. She now knows without a doubt as to whether or not she is burning fat, and coincidentally, she is losing weight again. I am going to suggest to Brandy to get some and try it herself. As a matter of fact, both Sharon and I think it is a good idea, and we will use them too. The truth is, I have cut  my carbohydrate consumption back quite a bit but I do not know if and when I am in ketosis. I would like more clarity on my body too.

If you would like to see if you are in ketosis, you can get the keto strips at Walgreen’s or Wal-mart. I bet you can even find them at most supermarkets as well.

Stay tuned.


Gregg Hoffman