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Cellulite Study Progress Report: Alex Circa Feb 6th 2015

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We weighed and took some photos of Alex on February 6th, 2015. This is 5 weeks into the study, and here are the results thus far:

She weighs 193 pounds. She weighed 202 pounds when we started, so she has lost 9 pounds of scale weight from when she started. I took a “spot check” of her skin-folds a week prior to see of she was losing body fat, and that was very fruitful. The total of the four sites were 131 mm’s. This is down from her total of 146 mm’s when she started. Her body fat dropped from roughly 41 to 42% to 39 to 40%. I am sure it even lower than that since she lost 2 more pounds from the last time we measured.

Rough calculations tell me that Alex gained about 1.5 pounds of muscle as well, meaning that she lost closer to 10.5 pounds of fat. This is about right. Building muscle takes time and a lot of intense work, so a little over a pound at this juncture means she is on course.

If you recall, the last time we measured Alex she actually gained some of the weight back. She has since lost the gained weight, and then some. She really focused on cutting out her carbs and being strict with her diet. To do so, she bought some keto-sticks to check out on a daily basis if she was in a state of ketosis. The weight started coming right off when she did that. From my perspective, if the weight loss stagnates, I am highly suspicious if my client is sticking to keeping her carbs low. It is so easy to lose track of how many carbs one eats, and I bet that many times a client may try to substitute some sort of vegetable that seems to be low carb in place of meats and good sources of fats, but in essence may not. It gets a little tricky. However, like what we learned with Alex, refocusing on keeping the carbs low can get one back on track.

Moreover, on her last workout she did 400 pounds on the leg press for 12 reps. This is in comparison to 130 pounds that she did when we first started. The leg press is now very hard for her to do. She is real close to taking her leg presses to failure, and she sure feels the workouts now.

We took some photos for comparison. Here they are:

The photos on the left are the first ones we took, and the photos on the right are the more recent ones. You can see that here waist is smaller, and that her legs and butt are smaller. The cellulite looks about the same. truthfully, I expect that at this point. She still has a lot of fat to lose and more muscle to gain. It is clear, though, that she is headed in the right direction. Remember, this is only 5 weeks into the program, and she already lost over 10 pounds of fat and gained over 1 pound of muscle. I expect to see her lose close to 20 pounds of fat, if not more by the end of the study with 1 or 2 more pounds of muscle. That will be the point where the changes will be more noticeable.

The hardest part of my job as a trainer is to instill patience and diligence in my clients. The reshaping of the body does take time, but the subtle changes…if we pay attention to them, are very promising and motivating. Alex is really right on target, and at this pace she would not even recognize her body after six months.

Congratulations Alex.

Stay tuned.

Gregg Hoffman

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