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Functional Strength Training

Functional Exercise

a different take

The definition of functional training in the fitness industry is, in essence, mimicking a movement pattern in a gym setting under load that you do in your life. An example would be if you had to lift boxes off a floor with a twist to put on a shelf, then in a gym setting you would do that motion with a weight. By that definition, functional training is not a good idea because it can actually lead to strength and flexibility imbalances, along with over-training.

We have a different take on functional exercise. We define it thus:

Functional training is doing movement patterns under load in the gym that involves the whole body, not specific movement patterns somebody does in their daily life. It teaches the body to work in a 3 dimensional environment to facilitate balance, coordination, and proprioception (body awareness in space).

Functional exercise done in this manner does not create over-use injuries, and adds variety to the workout.