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40 Minutes A Week To Buff

About Us

Where it all started


Gregg Hoffman speaking here. 27 years ago, I was enthusiastic about building a fit, shapely body. More specifically, I wanted to be a bodybuilder with the desire to compete onstage. I was committed to my exercise program for about 3 years, and I did not see much change in my body in spite of the effort I put into it. Then I learned about High Intensity Training through the writings of Dr. Elington Darden. In essence, I learned how to achieve far better results spending much less time in the gym. Interestingly, the training protocols he recommended worked just as well for women who wanted to have a toned physique, and it was a very effective way for athletes to train to improve their physical conditioning. I just had to tell everyone. Over time I learned as much as I could about fitness, injury prevention and rehab. Ultimately I created my own exercise program called Hystrength. Both Sharon and I train and teach other people how to be in the best shape they can be without spending endless hours in the gym.

Best Business in Denver

Urban Pump Personal Training Studio was selected as one of the best businesses in Denver for 2015 and 2016

A-List Recognition

Urban Pump Personal Training Studio was voted one of the top 5 Fitness Studios in Denver by Denver A-List in 2014

Denver A-List

Top 100 Trainers In America

Gregg Hoffman was voted one of the top 100 personal trainers in America according to our nation wide survey conducted in 2005.

Men's Journal Magazine

Where are we headed


We are expanding our operations. We now offer franchise opportunities for anyone who wants to own their own personal training studio. We also have a certification program for anyone who would like to learn the most efficient way to exercise...and help other people to do so.


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