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Gregg has a long career in the fitness industry. He simply started by enthusiastically prodding his friends and co-workers to workout with him over 25 years ago. The reason for his passion? He learned that there was so much more to how little we needed for health. Like many young bodybuilding aspirants, he would devote several hours a week to the gym in the quest for muscle. One day he stumbled on a book called Super High Intensity Bodybuilding written by Dr. Ellington Darden. Dr. Darden espoused a different approach. Instead of committing several hours a week to a routine as per the mainstream way of training, he strongly advocated only three 45 minute workouts a week. The catch was that one would have to put more focus and intensity on every set one would do, but if performed properly, the trainee could see strength gains better than he would see with a higher volume approach. Upon applying the principles Dr. Darden wrote about, Gregg did get much stronger. Thus, his passion for fitness grew. In his ever expanding quest for knowledge, he studied other fitness disciplines and ultimately designed his own program that he calls HYSTRENGTH(sm). In pursuit of knowledge, he earned certifications from:
Sasha and Company
American Council on Exercise
C.H.E.K. institute
Scientific Core Training
Scientific Back Training
While building on his knowledge, he owned and operated two personal training studios called Bodies by Hoffman. He hired and trained other trainers in the HYSTRENGTH(sm) method, whereby he created the HYSTRENGTH(sm) certification program. He has, during this time, also set up an intern program with both Heritage College and Emily Griffith Opportunity school to better prepare those students for the real world. At present, he is co-owner of Urban Pump llc. which is a private personal training studio located close to downtown Denver. All told, Gregg has logged over 45,000 hours training people who want to get in shape. Gregg also has written many articles and has an ongoing blog about fitness and health. He is considered an expert author on the subject by E-Zine articles, and has writing awards by Hub pages. Gregg wrote two books on the topic of health and fitness: Proven Strategies for Cellulite Loss, and Lose the Menopot. Both books are available through Amazon, and he has other book projects in the works. Among many of Gregg' achievements, he was voted one of the top 100 trainers in America in the December 2004 edition of Men's Journal Magazine. His studio, Urban Pump llc. was also voted 14th place out of 85 entrants to the A-list of Colorado.
Contact Gregg:
303.587.0149 Cell


Sharon has been a personal trainer for 8 years now. She, along with Gregg Hoffman, is a co-owner of Urban Pump llc. Before meeting Gregg, she was the typical aerobic junkie, committing upwards to 20 hours a week working out. She tried them all; bicycling, running, yoga, spinning, and had many memberships to gyms. All of this in the pursuit of having a lean, shapely body. For all of her effort, she got nowhere. She saw no more tone and shape after several years then when she first started. When she first met Gregg, and asked how often he trained, she was shocked. He only worked out three times a week for no more than 45 minutes each. On top of that, he never did any aerobic exercise. The most convincing thing of all was that he had the kind of toned, defined body that she wanted. She eagerly started the HYSTRENGTH(sm) program under his tutelage, and within six months her body did a dramatic change. She finally had definition. She was stronger. Much stronger. She had more energy, and most importantly, she had time for a life.
She also noticed other unexpected benefits. She slept better. She handles stress better...and she noticed her skin looking younger! Most surprisingly to her, this all happened when she was 46 years old, when we are supposedly losing muscle and the ability to have a young looking body. ``Wow``, she thought. People need to know about this program...everybody needs to know about it! She would ``spread the gospel``, as it were, to all of her friends and acquaintances, but she never even considered becoming a personal trainer. It was her enthusiasm though, that prompted Gregg to ask her to go through his certification program. And on that note, Sharon embarked on her 5th career. In her own words ``This is a program I so wish I would have known about in my 20's, certainly after I had my children``. It is a not have access to this training program when she was younger. You can see her passion in this one statement. It is the driving force behind her love for being a personal trainer. Not only does Sharon train her clients, she does the marketing aspect of Urban Pump llc. She does it effortlessly, for her mission to get the word out is relentless. As if all the work she does for Urban Pump is not enough, Sharon also launched her own fitness wear line called Iron and Light Fit. Her clothing line features high quality active wear that transitions into street wear. It is a very stylish line that is versatile as well. Sharon graduated from Denver University in 1982 with a bachelors degree in graphic arts. This is proving to be an invaluable skill for her job of marketing Urban Pump, llc. Yes, Sharon had other careers before personal training:
Graphic design
Floral design
Real estate agent
and, of course, a stay at home mom
Contact Sharon:
303.229.8211 Cell

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