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Customize Your Plan


Initial Consultation


Want to learn how it only takes forty minutes a week to buff? Then do this consultation. The 90 minute consultation will be divided into three parts. The first phase of the consultation will involve Gregg asking a series of questions to determine where the problems are with your current diet and exercise program. Additionally, Gregg will want to know what physical issues you may have so he can customize the exercise program to what you need the most. The second phase will be were Gregg will give an in depth explanation of the Hystrength(sm) program, and how it will apply to your specific needs. The final portion of the consultation will be an actual sample workout so you can see and feel exactly how the program works.

Whether you choose to work with us or not, you will be far more successful with your exercise program after this experience.


If you choose to work with us at Urban Pump after the consultation, Gregg will waive the initial consultation fee for any package that has a value of $500.00 of more.

Nutrition Consultation


The best way to start your successful journey is to know exactly where you are. Imagine back packing in the Colorado Rockies for three days. You would not dare to attempt it without some planning ahead of time. So it is with your nutrition. You need to know exactly where you are, what steps need to be taken, what contingency plans you will need when things don’t go according to plan, and simply a good idea of what to expect. 

You will get a pamphlet on the Hystrength(sm) nutrition program, and we will go over the important points. You will also have a questionnaire that you fill out ahead of time so we can talk about what your current eating patterns are, and look for ways to improve your diet in a way that can work with you. 

We  will also take measurements. We will take down your weight, body composition, and girth measurements. The scale tells only part of the story. We need to track actual body fat and girth measurements too to see if you did indeed lose body fat…of if you lost muscle too. 

This will lay the foundation for a successful journey to fat loss and a healthy lifestyle.



Private sessions are one person with one trainer. Semi-private sessions are two people with one trainer during the session. Both private and semi-private sessions have a customized workout for each individual. 

Packaged sessions offer a discount off the single session price.

Prices are:

Single session:

Gregg Hoffman $75.00 

Sharon Hoffman $65.00

Ten session package:

Gregg Hoffman $700.00 ($70.00 per session) 

Sharon Hoffman $600.00 ($60.00 per session)

Twenty session package:

Gregg Hoffman $1,300.00 ($65.00 per session) 

Sharon Hoffman $1,000.00 ($55.00 per session)

Semi private packages are the same price, but the cost is split between the two people

All packages include:   

  • Measurements
    •  Weight, skin-folds (body fat test), and girth measurements (important in determining visceral fat loss and actual muscle gain)
  • Starting and follow up photos
  • Basic nutrition points
  • Recipe ideas


Grocery store visit

Are you struggling with reading labels? Are you confused about what is “healthy”, and what is junk food? We can help. Let’s take a walk around the supermarket and see what would be good food choices, and what would be bad food choices, and what you  can indulge in from time to time. In this trip, we will take a close look at many food labels and break down what they really mean. We will also explore and discuss the foods that should be the cornerstone of your diet, and what foods should never be in your cart. 

Price: $150.00

The cupboard purge

Still a little confused about how to read the labels on various foods? Do you really know what you a in your cupboards? This is understandable. Many packaged foods make the claim of “heart healthy”, or low fat of cholesterol. They may be right, but is it really good for you? More importantly, what are the actual ingredient? This is what we need to know. This is what the cupboard purge is all about. Invite Sharon to your home to give a critical eye to exactly what you have in your cupboards. She will show you what you can keep, what you need to get rid of, and what to add to your cupboards to compliment your healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals. You would be surprised by how much purging you may need to do.

Price: $150.00

Follow up consultations

Important for re-evaluating eating patterns, goals, and staying on course.

Price: $60.00 for thirty minutes. $100.00 for sixty minutes.


Would you like to workout at home, but still need the push and a critical eye on your form for great results? Then Skype and Facebook training is for you. We can interact via conference call using either Skype or Facebook messenger. It would be just like doing live personal training, but in the convenience of your home. 

Prices are:

Single Session:

Gregg Hoffman $75.00

Sharon Hoffman $65.00

Ten Session Package:

Gregg Hoffman $700.00 ($70.00 per session)

Sharon Hoffman $600.00 ($60.00 per session)

Twenty Session Package:

Gregg Hoffman $1,300.00 ($65.00 per session)

Sharon Hoffman $1,000.00 ($60.00 per session) 


Do you have a membership to your own gym, but you would also like customized HYSTRENGTH(sm) workouts? No problem. We can write up workouts specifically for you that you can take to your own gym. It comes with video exercise demonstrations, the amount of weight, reps, tempo, and rest intervals designed just for you.


One workout: $15.00

Five workouts: $65.00

Ten workouts: $100.00

Choose the best plan for your needs

Sessions with Gregg
  • Packages

    Sessions with Gregg

  • $ 75
    • Initial consultation $150.00
    • Single session $75.00
    • Ten session package $700
    • Twenty session package $1,300.00
Sessions with Sharon
  • Packages

    Sessions with Sharon

  • $ 65
    • Single session $65.00
    • Ten session package $600.00
    • Twenty session package $1,100.00
Nutrition Services
  • Packages

    Nutrition Services

  • $ 150
    • Grocery store visit $150.00
    • Cupboard purge $150.00
    • Follow up consultations $60.00 for thirty minutes. $100.00 for sixty minutes











Online Training
  • Packages

    Online Training

  • $ 15
    • One workout $15.00
    • Five workouts $65.00
    • Ten workouts $100.00





Gift Certificate
  • No Expiration Date

    Gift Certificate

  • $ 100
    • $50.00
    • $100.00
    • Any denomination you desire

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