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40 Minutes A Week To Buff



Many fitness professionals have the philosophy that if a little bit exercise is good for you, then more exercise is better. Their general recommendations would include some sort of aerobic training done anywhere from 2 to 4 times a week, and some sort of strength training program to go along with it. Hit a plateau? No problem. Just add more exercise. I ask you, is that sustainable? Is it even motivating? That is not how we look at exercise. Exercise should not be used as a way to burn excess calories. It should be used to trigger the right adaptations for a fit and healthy body. Just like working long hours, or trying to reach a deadline, exercise is a stressor on the body. It tears it down. Understand that this is a good thing, but the body also needs time to recover and better handle the new demands placed on it. Exercise needs to be dose specific, meaning that the workout needs to be the right intensity (everybody is unique in how much he/she needs at any given moment), combined with the right volume and frequency. To much exercise, over the long haul, will tear down the body. The HYSTRENGTH(sm) uses strength training coupled with functional training in the right dose to bring about the right response. How much exercise? In some cases, as little as 40 minutes a week!

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