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I Tore My Quadratus Lumborum (QL)

I really jacked up my lower back about a month ago. I did a very hard workout, and one of the exercises I did that day was a heavy set of squat rows. I went 30lbs heavier than usual because I normally do a set of pull downs or chin ups prior to doing squat rows. I...

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Making the Case for an Afternoon Nap

Taking a nap in the American culture has been frowned upon for a long time. It has been negatively associated with laziness, sloth and grift. You can't count on someone who is always napping, right? And yet, the afternoon nap is central to to many cultures. The siesta...

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Introducing Irisin: The exercise hormone

As if we are not told enough how important exercise is for health and longevity, there is even more reason to do so. Harvard researchers in 2012 discovered a hormone like myokine that is produced through exercise, which they then named irisin.  In this post, I...

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Check out Sharon’s blog: Fit Mom & O’Ma

Sharon is a 60-year old fitness trainer, mother, grandmother, and bonus mother. Her blog is about nutrition, health, anti-aging and fitness motivation tips. It is her mission to inspire women to be fit, healthy and sexy at any age.

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Gregg is a Master Personal Trainer & Creator of the Hystrength Training Program.

He specializes in: Fitness Training, Body Building, Weight Loss Management, Flexibility, & Strength Training.

He has logged over 45,000 hours training people who want to get in shape, has written many books and award-winning articles, plus received numerous awards and certifications.


Sharon is a Master Personal Trainer & Co-Owner of Urban Pump Personal Training Studio.

She specializes in: Female Fitness Training, Body Building, Weight Loss Management, Flexibility, Strength Training.

At 46 years old, Sharon discovered the HYSTRENGTH program and traded her gym rat routine of 20 hours a week. Her only regret is not finding the program sooner!