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My Basic Stance On Nutrition Changes Again Part 2

Continuing on the fact that I have once again changed my position stance on nutrition and healthy eating in my last blog, I will give some general advice and tips that I have no doubt will stand the test of time. Moreover, these tips are easy to implement and...

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More Than Just A Torn QL

In my post I tore my Quadratus Lumborum, I wrote about how I really jacked up my back from working on my motorcycle and doing a hard workout on the same day. I clearly overdid it because my lower back was very stiff and in a lot of pain for a long time. It felt like I...

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Check out Sharon’s blog: Fit Mom & O’Ma

Sharon is a 60-year old fitness trainer, mother, grandmother, and bonus mother. Her blog is about nutrition, health, anti-aging and fitness motivation tips. It is her mission to inspire women to be fit, healthy and sexy at any age.

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Gregg is a Master Personal Trainer & Creator of the Hystrength Training Program.

He specializes in: Fitness Training, Body Building, Weight Loss Management, Flexibility, & Strength Training.

He has logged over 45,000 hours training people who want to get in shape, has written many books and award-winning articles, plus received numerous awards and certifications.


Sharon is a Master Personal Trainer & Co-Owner of Urban Pump Personal Training Studio.

She specializes in: Female Fitness Training, Body Building, Weight Loss Management, Flexibility, Strength Training.

At 46 years old, Sharon discovered the HYSTRENGTH program and traded her gym rat routine of 20 hours a week. Her only regret is not finding the program sooner!