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“I need to eats lots of meat, right?”

When Sharon and I are asked what kind of diet we follow, and we explain that we are on a low carb diet along the lines of the Paleo way of eating, that is the general statement we get. Along those lines, when I read about low carb studies cited in publications, they all have people eat more meat or other such protein sources to replace the carbs people take out of the diet.

In other words, replace carbs with protein.

That is not what we mean. Yes, there are some meals that need to be replaced with higher protein counterparts, such as breakfast and snacks. For example, most people will eat things like hot cereal, granola, or pancakes for breakfast, and yes, these meals are very high in carbohydrates and need to be replaced with higher protein and good fat items such as eggs, vegetables, and avocados. Snacks typically are just as bad. Chips, fruit, candy, and sodas are common. The better options are nuts, cheese, jerky, and the like. Just making these changes will go a long way to better health and fat loss.

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Get a customized Hystrength routine just for you! Click on the image to learn more

As for lunch and dinner, we recommend that you cut out the carbohydrates such as bread, rice, or pasta, but we do not recommend you increase your portion of meat. Keep the meat portion the same. Why? Because you simply do not need that much food. We are taught that we need big portions of everything to feel satisfied, but it is simply not true. By cutting out the carbohydrates, you will feel satisfied with less total calories.

Personally, I do not view the Paleo or Atkins diet as a high protein diet. They are simply low carb diets, and in my opinion, more in line with how we should eat for better health.


Gregg Hoffman

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