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My Study on Cellulite Loss

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Two years ago I wrote an article on HubPages about a diet and exercise program I put my wife through that completely reshaped her body…and got rid of her cellulite. The article explained our strategy. Surprisingly, over 42,000 people have read it.

You can read the article here.

Apparently, there is a need for solid information about what exactly cellulite is and what one can do to get rid of it.

In light of the high amount of interest in the topic, I decided to do an actual study and write a follow along book on cellulite loss. I am taking three women who have stubborn cellulite to lose, and I am putting them through a three-month diet and exercise routine. We will see in real-time what can be done.

I do want to be clear about a couple of points. First of all, to see the changes women want to see a far as cellulite loss is concerned, three months is just the start. An important aspect of decreased cellulite is an increase in muscle mass, which will “tighten” the skin to lessen the dimpled effect. The other one is fat loss.

It takes time to put on muscle. Progressive strength training does the job, but it is not over night. However, one should see remarkable changes that is highly motivating after the first three months.

The plan is to have the women do the Hystrength training program coupled a low carb/high fat diet. I am starting them on a three-day a week exercise program for the first month, and then I plan to cut them back to two workouts a week the remaining two months. The reason I am cutting back the frequency is because as they get stronger, they will need more recovery time between workouts. I have been very successful doing with my clients.

Would you like customized hystrength workouts? Click on the image to learn how.

Would you like customized hystrength workouts? Click on the image to learn how.

There are many reasons I am opting to use a low carb/high fat diet, much of which has to do with overall health, but the main reason for the study is that using the traditional low-fat/low-calorie approach is difficult to stick to. Counting calories is a tedious process, and takes the fun out of eating. I believe that keeping carbs to a minimum speeds up the fat burning process, and makes one feel full with fewer calories. I am not having any of the women count calories, but they are keeping the carbs under 50 grams a day.

The three women started the program three weeks ago, and I will bring updates as we go along. Stay tuned.


Gregg Hoffman