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Unique Proprietary Training Program.

Urban Pump® Personal Training Studio uses a cutting edge, proprietary training program developed by Gregg Hoffman, who was voted one of the top 100 personal trainers in America by Men’s Journal Magazine. Through his many years of being a leader in the fitness industry, Gregg Hoffman has learned what works and what does not as far as exercise and diet is concerned. He was able to make the training program so efficient that it only takes two, twenty to thirty minute workouts a week to achieve a fit, highly functioning, shapely body. The training program is called Hystrength (sm), and it consists of four main components:

  • Functional training
  • Stability and proprioception work
  • Scientific core training
  • Strength training

The combination of these elements, along with minimizing the rest intervals between sets produces remarkable results in strength, fat loss, and aerobic fitness. This training program is exclusive to Urban Pump® license owners and personal trainers that are Hystrength (sm) certified.

Expertise. Experience. 

Urban Pump® Personal Training Studio has been has successfully been in business for ten years, but co-owner Gregg Hoffman has been in the fitness industry for 27 years. He has owned and operated two other boutique training studios (Bodies by Hoffman) before opening up Urban Pump® Personal Training Studio with Sharon Hoffman. He has garnered a great amount of knowledge about how to run a successful fitness studio. This expertise is invaluable to helping a young, new business be a going concern.

Low Start Up Cost And Overhead.

A quick glance at most franchise fitness centers is very telling, in that there is a high up front cost to start. It is a big investment just for the gym equipment, let alone for the retail space needed to house it all. This makes it a challenge for the fledgling business to meet overhead and run at a profit. The set up for an Urban Pump® Personal Training Studio requires very little equipment for the clients to get a remarkably effective workout. And with this, there is less need for a large space.  Moreover, we offer an Urban Pump® license instead of a franchise. A license is the same concept as a franchise except the start up fees are typically lower.  You can run your Urban Pump® Personal Training Studio out of your home. Doing so keeps overhead way low compared to any other gym set up, streamlines your taxes, and helps prevent burn out.

A Rewarding Career.

By owning and operating an Urban Pump® Personal Training Studio, you will literally be changing people’s lives for the better. They will see not only fat loss and a more physically appealing body, they will also feel much better. They will have more energy, less chronic pain, better sports performance, and an overall higher quality of life well into old age. It is incredibly rewarding to be a positive part of people’s lives. We have no doubt that owning an Urban Pump® Personal Training Studio will be exciting, passionate, and an enjoyable adventure.

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Gregg Hoffman will get back to you in a timely manner to answer any questions you have about a career in the fitness industry. Call Gregg at 303-587-0149 or reach out through the contact form linked below.