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The Cellulite Study Final Results: Alex

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I have concluded the three-month cellulite study, and I am in the final phase of writing the book. In this post I will write about the results achieved by Alex.


        Before                                                                           After




January 1, 2015          April 3, 2015

Weight: 202 lbs                185 lbs

Total weight loss: 17 lbs

Girth Measurements: Right   Left       Right   Left

Arms:                            14       13          13 ¾   13 ¼

Chest:                              43 ¼                39 ½

Waist:                               41                    35 ½

Hips:                                 47                    46

Thighs:                         27 ½   28 ½     26 7/8     26 ½

Total inches lost: 13 ¾

Body Fat Percentage:


Bicep:                          28mm                 22mm

Tricep:                         31mm                 33mm

Subscapula:                52mm                  37mm

Suprailliac Crest:        35mm                   29mm

Total:                         146mm                 121mm

Body Fat:                      42%                     39%

Muscle and fat:

January 1, 2015            April 3, 2015

Muscle: 117.16 lbs            112.85 lbs

Fat:       84.84 lbs                 72.15lbs

Total fat loss is: 12.68 lbs

Total muscle loss is: 4.31 lbs

Let us put it together to see what it all means. If you look at the photos, a couple of things become quite clear. Her body shape did change. She has more of an hour-glass shape in the second set of photos, and you can see more tone and definition as well. She lost four and one half inches in her waist, which is a significant amount. She also lost over 13 inches around her whole body. Moreover, she lost 17 pounds of scale weight, which translates to over 5 pounds of weight lost every month. That is a pretty rapid pace, and she was able to do that with two weekly workouts and a low carb diet. She did not feel hungry or deprived going through the process, thus making this diet and exercise program sustainable over the long haul. This is a remarkable transformation in three months time.

What is also noticeable is that her cellulite has not gone down much from when she first started the program. The reason that this is the case is because she still needs to lose more body fat before she can see big changes in this arena. She did lose a fair amount of fat, but she is still over 35%. She really needs to get under 27% or more before it is noticeable. I write this begrudgingly because I do not want to discourage anyone who has a lot of cellulite to lose, but the fact remains: one needs to be lean, and have built up some muscle, to see a reduction in cellulite. Alex is clearly on her way, but she still has a journey ahead of her.

Another thing that stands out is that according to the charts we used, Alex also lost about 4 pounds of muscle during the study, which is not our goal. I honestly do not know why the measurements would say that in light of the fact that I had her doing an intense strength training program during the study, and she got much stronger over the course of the study. For example, when she started the study, she did the leg press with 130 lbs for 14 repetitions. By the time she was done with the study, she did a leg press with 480 lbs for 11 repetitions. She also saw strength gains in all of her major lifts, thus demonstrating that she could not have lost muscle. She had to have gained muscle. The truth is, I don’t know how much. You may find a similar reading when you go through the process as well. My advice is to ignore the muscle loss reading if you got stronger over the course of your diet and exercise routine. Just understand that you are still heading in the right direction.

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Alex is still training with me. She continued to work with me after the study, and as of June 18, 2015, she lost another 9 pounds and is looking even better. I have no doubt that she will see a reduction in her cellulite over the next few months.

Stay tuned.


Gregg Hoffman